Home services

Want eMove to take care of disconnecting and reconnecting your home services?

At eMove we know everything there is to know about moving. Our expert team will manage every part of your move so that by the time you pack that last box into your car and head for your new place, you can rest easy that the big jobs involved in a house or apartment move have all been looked after. eMove will ensure that your home services — your electricity, gas and phone — is disconnected at your old place and, if need be, connected at the place you're moving to.

Home power

The best time to arrange for the disconnection of your home power at the place you're moving from is in the final few days before you move. eMove can do it for you. By simply telling us when and where you’re moving, and leaving us with a few simple details, you can have your home power disconnected at exactly the right time. 


The other important element of your home services is your phone line. You can use eMove to disconnect and reconnect your home phone line.

eMove also has fantastic discounts and deals on phone, broadband, pay TV and many more to save you money with your home services.

Talk to eMove

If you have any questions about your home services, speak to our friendly team at eMove on 1300 306 522 or email us on [email protected]