Removal driver

Need to book a removal driver?

Use our free removal quote service to obtain up to five free quotes from removalists in your city to book a removal driver that is fast, efficient and can get the job done on time and within your budget. 

What type of move are you making?

Help us find a suitable removal driver by letting us know the option that most applies to you:
  • Normal mover: moving within the same state and looking for a selection of cheap moving companies.
  • Big mover: moving interstate or overseas – and looking for long distance moving companies.
  • Goods-only mover: simply looking to transport a few goods.
  • Future mover: not moving just yet, but eager to find a suitable moving company for when the date arrives.
Whatever your needs, eMove offers a complete service to make your next house or apartment move stress free.

Talk to eMove

If you have any questions about booking a removal driver, please speak to our friendly team at eMove on 1300 306 522 or email us on [email protected]