Melbourne moving to

Moving to Melbourne or leaving Melbourne and moving to another city?

If you're looking for the best price on Melbourne removalists, then eMove has the answers. Whether you're moving to Melbourne or leaving Melbourne and moving to a different city or state, eMove will do all the research on your behalf, calling upon our network of Melbourne removalists to provide you with up to five quotes to ensure that you get the job done quickly, efficiently and within budget.

What type of move are you making?

eMove will recommend the most appropriate removal companies for the job:
  • Normal mover: moving to a new house or apartment within Melbourne and looking for a selection of cheap moving companies.
  • Big mover: leaving Melbourne, moving to a new state or overseas and looking for long distance moving companies.
  • Goods-only mover: simply looking to transport a few goods.
  • Future mover: not moving to or from Melbourne just yet, but eager to find a suitable moving company for when the date arrives.
Whatever your needs, eMove offers a complete service to make your next house or apartment move stress free.


In addition to sourcing removal quotes, eMove can also take care of other important elements of your move. Use eMove to:

square_1.gif  Disconnect And Reconnect Phone, Gas And Electricity
With eMove - you can ensure that phone, gas and electricity are connected when you move into your new home.  We also have fantastic discounts and deals on phone, broadband, pay TV and many more to save you a fortune and make your life easier. More details?

square_1.gif  Change Of Address Notification Service
With eMove you can notify your address change details to your major service providers – health funds, newspaper, magazines, charities, mobile phone, banks etc. More details?

square_1.gif  Other Helpful Services
With eMove – you can conveniently find cleaners, storage, packing/unpacking, Ute or truck hire, trailer hire, furniture hire, rubbish removal. More details?

square_1.gif  eMove eCard
Use the eMove eCard service to quickly and easily tell your friends, family and small business contacts of your move. 

eMove can also help you when leaving Melbourne and moving to another city by:
  • Finding and organising a cleaner
  • Finding and organising storage
  • Hiring or buying moving boxes
  • Notifying your service providers you’ve moved

Talk to eMove

If you have any questions about moving to Melbourne or leaving Melbourne and moving interstate or overseas, please speak to our friendly team here at eMove on 1300 306 522 or email us on [email protected]