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Moving House Tips

When it comes to preparing for your next move, our wide range of handy moving tips will help ensure you are organised and prepared.

Tip Category: Packing

  • Pack all boxes to capacity. Boxes that are not full are more likely to be crushed and boxes that are overfilled tend to tear apart.
  • Label all boxes as soon as you’re finished packing them to ensure they are unpacked in the right area of your new home.
  • Use old blankets and sheets to cover furniture.
  • If you have to dismantle any furniture, place all the nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and tape them to the furniture.
  • To avoid scratching glass furniture, wrap it in butcher’s paper or newspaper.
  • Move packed boxes close to the exit of your home – so it’s easier for your removalists.
  • Tape and seal all cleaning fluids.
  • Pack heavy things into smaller boxes and lighter things into the larger boxes.
  • Wrap all glasswear and breakables individually in towels or packing material.
  • Carry valuable items such as passports, jewellery and cash with you rather than leaving them with removalists.
  • Sell or give to charity everything you will no longer require as it will only take up unnecessary space in your new home.

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